A blogging platform that grew into a media production company

Grow is a teen-centric media production company that aims to educate people about finance and self-development.

Founded by Rumman Habib as a small-time blogging platform in 2021, Grow is now a media production company with more than 120 interns who work tirelessly to produce articles, blog posts and podcasts regularly.


Our people make the difference

We're truly passionate about what we do and work hard to produce content that genuinely impacts lives.

Rumman Habib

Founder/Managing Director

Emaad Khan

Executive Director

Samia Khan

Chief Marketing Officer

Joshua Jacob Joy

Chief Content Officer

Shiv Chaturvedi

Head of Marketing

Urdhav Singh

Head of Strategy

Rejoy Thomas Mathew

Head of Web Development

Kavya Batra

Co-Head of Media

Eba Fatima

Co-Head of Video Production

Anushrut Maurya

Co-Head of Marketing

Janya Gupta

Co-Head of Strategy

Shavez Siddiqui

HR Manager

Looking for new challenges?

Join us from around the world on our mission to help people grow.