Jul 8, 2021
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Convinced That You Can't Do Better? Stop Lying to Yourself

How to own up to the fact that you need to work on yourself.

The lies that you're telling yourself

I’ll be frank with you, you’re lying to yourself about actual important goals and your progress almost all the time.

For instance:

  • You wanna lose weight; You claim to be eating healthy, but in reality, you know that you ate those shitty cup noodles in the morning and those crappy chips with that lousy coke for your dinner yesterday.
  • You wanna workout; You claim to be working on your body, but in reality, you know you skipped your cardio twice last week. You know you still don’t look good in front of the mirror shirtless.
  • You wanna learn a new skill; You claim to be watching and listening to lectures, tutorials, and podcasts, but in reality, you know you’re just using YouTube for those shitty ass random videos and clips.

You’re using these half-hearted phrases like, “I’m doing well with where I am” Or, “ I’m perfectly utilising all the time I have and cannot possibly take on anything else”  or the biggest one, “I’ve been trying really hard” These lies that you tell yourself are just dumb excuses that are supposedly meant to make you feel better about not working the way you should be working; about having a goal that you haven’t made any progress in; about not owning up to your weaknesses or admitting that you aren’t doing what it takes to truly accomplish your dream. (I know…because I’ve been there man.)

Why do these lies even matter so much, you ask?

Because they are preventing you from a strong, hard, and long look at yourself; At your weak self. When you use feel-good made-up shitty excuses to track your progress in life, you’re just letting these lies dictate your future.

Own Up To It

If you’re actually serious about getting better at something, then the first thing that needs to be done is to have a long hard look at yourself in front of the mirror. Own up to the fact that you need to work on it. Hold yourself accountable. You need self-awareness before you can achieve self-improvement. And then self-improvement takes dedication and self-discipline.

Here are the three topmost essential things you need to instil in yourself in order to achieve self-discipline and self-improvement:

  • Journaling – It’s been a year since I started journaling for real with minimum exceptions. Journaling allows you not only to relive your memories from the past but actually helps you a lot in keeping track of your daily progress and small achievements as well as failures.
  • Working Out – Once you start with this regularly. I’m telling you, man. Your life would change. Except for the physical prowess and good looks working out provides tremendous growth in personality, confidence, concentration, and attitude even towards other aspects of your life.
  • Routine Work – You already make a lot of excuses all day long. I don’t wanna hear them anymore. So here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna at least get some of your shit together and make a morning routine. Fix a time until which you won’t pick up your damn mobile (Don’t touch it until lunch!). Fix a time until which you won’t care for anything other than your work.

Call Out Yourself

I know it’s hard. Alright. You may be lost with your goals and ambitions. But that’s no excuse for not improving. Even if you aren’t aware of what you’re actually doing, just work on yourself. Learning new skills doesn’t require ambitions or goals.

Furthermore, you have to accept you’re not one of those prodigies or 1%. YET! If you keep on sulking it just gets harder to get there. You have to keep on repeating the essential things in life until they are instilled in you. Make yourself such that self-discipline is as trivial as breathing.


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